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Extra Actions

There are three kinds of action, toolbar action show in right top of table header, action show in end of table row, bulk action show in left top of table header.

The format request link of Action is /{resource}/{action_name}/{pk}, BulkAction is /{resource}/{action_name} which request params is pks as a list of pk,ToolbarAction is /{resource}/{action_name} .


class Action(BaseModel):
    icon: str
    label: str
    name: str
    method: enums.Method = enums.Method.POST
    ajax: bool = True

    def ajax_validate(cls, v: bool, values: dict, **kwargs):
        if not v and values["method"] != enums.Method.GET:
            raise ValueError("ajax is False only available when method is Method.GET")


class ToolbarAction(Action):
    class_: Optional[str]

Last update: August 28, 2022 06:31:41