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Custom Page

It is easy to create custom pages.

Template folders

You should configure your template folders when configure fastapi-admin.

from fastapi import FastAPI
from import app as admin_app

app = FastAPI()

async def startup():
    await admin_app.configure(template_folders=["templates"])

Write router

Then write a router to render the template.

If you want you page can access only after login, you need use get_current_admin dependency.

from import app as admin_app
from fastapi_admin.template import templates
from starlette.requests import Request
from fastapi import Depends
from fastapi_admin.depends import get_current_admin

@admin_app.get("/", dependencies=[Depends(get_current_admin)])
async def home(request: Request):
    return templates.TemplateResponse("dashboard.html", context={"request": request})

Don't forget to create the template dashboard.html and write content.

Register resource

Finally, register it as a Link resource.

from import app as admin_app
from fastapi_admin.resources import Link

class Dashboard(Link):
    label = "Dashboard"
    icon = "fas fa-home"
    url = "/admin"

That's all, if you are a superuser, you can see a menu in navbar now, otherwise you need give the admin permission of the resource.

Last update: July 7, 2023 09:36:36